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Celebrating the World Environment Day (WED) 2017

Celebrating the World Environment Day (WED) 2017. On June 5th ,2017 our KOPL celebrated the Environmental day.A special assembly related to environment was conducted. Our Directors delivered a speech on the importance of Environment . planned a new venture that was opportunity to plantation at all over our units premises. A drawing competition was also conducted related to Environment from Employees Children’s, Essay Competition from Employees...

Kopcolate(Potasium Thioglycolate) Fast hair removal ingredient in USA

Kopcolate(Potasium Thioglycolate): Kopcolate acts as a fast hair removal, better moisturizing property without adding any moisturizer.Other hair depilatory actives cause skin dryness and it is pleasantly perfumed.Not easily discoloured when compared to other existing depilatory actives and other depilatory actives tend to form crystals in freeze thaw condition.It is used in Hair removal facial cream,Hair removal under arm cream,Hair removal body cream and Hair removal...

Koprosteine anti ageing ingredients in USA

Koprosteine Koprosteine is a modified form of cysteine which is non toxic and stable than cysteine. Fighting against intrinsic skin ageing,for depigmenting or bleaching skin,Moisturization of dry skin dry skin and water soluble anti ageing active....


Kopulan(Pullulan): In food industry pullulan is used as antistaling agent, quality improver, binder and thickening agent. In cosmetic industry it is used in facemask, lipstick, creams lotions, gels etc… In pharma industry it is used as capsules and it is a natural ingredient for making vegetative...

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