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ABRAFATI 2017 |Manufacture of in Myristyl Myristate in Brazilian Coatings Manufactures Association – ABRAFATI

Kopester MM:

• Emollient

• Opacifier

• Skin conditioning benefits

• Improved moisture retention

An emollient which imparts powdery silky dry feel on skin

We still remember our childhood days when we had soft, supple and glossy skin. As we grew up and with age and due to exposure to dirt and pollutants, glow and softness of skin is fading away. Proper washing and cleansing is necessary to remove dirt and pollutant from our skin as well use of proper moisturizer is very important to retain skin nourishment as well as to get soft and glossy skin.

There are many ingredients used in Moisturizing cream and one of the main ingredients for giving soft and supple skin is Emollients. Emollients are specially designed to make the external layers of the skin softer and more pliable. They increase the skin’s hydration by reducing evaporation.

One of the most reliable emollient used in moisturizing cream is Myristyl myristate (Kopester MM) Kopester MM when added to skin care products gives opacifying or glossy effect. It has thickening properties, helps in retention of moisture and lot of skin conditioning benefits. It is 100% naturally occurring ester. It is white to light yellowish pelletised wax mass with a fatty feel and distinctive odor.

Kopester MM (Myristyl myristate) is the combination of Myristyl alcohol and Myristic acid results in superior whitening to the product as well as improved benefits to the skin.

Kopester MM is also used as a co-emulsifier for it’s emulsion stabilizing benefits. The combination of fatty alcohol and fatty acids thickens emulsions and improves stability making the emulsion much more stable to temperature variations and higher oil and butter levels.

Kopester MM is also used to improve the aesthetics of emulsions and also improves performance of emulsions. This is a good choice when your emulsion has an unpleasant color or dullness. It will also impart a very pleasant soft powdery feel on the skin. Just the addition of Kopester MM can make grey emulsion to bright white giving it a smooth glossy appearance. This is also a great addition to your formulas when your final product does not deliver a nice feel on the skin or leaves the skin feeling too greasy.

Kopester MM also offers an easy way to create lotions and creams with a silky, rich feel and a dry powdery feel. Especially suitable for those products with a high butter content when the oily effect is undesirable. Functioning as both a co-emulsifier and an opacifier it’s an easy way to improve the visual appeal of your product while at the same time improving on the feel of the product on the skin.

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