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Manufacturer of Kopnol (Hexyl resorcinol) in Latin America, Asia, Europe and USA

Kopnol (Hexyl resorcinol)
Used as preservative in sea food

Love sea food? Choose good ones. Ask us why? Here it goes.

Blackspot melanosis is a common problem with marine products like shrimps, prawns, crabs, lobsters etc. It forms in the shell of raw, refrigerated and frozen crustaceans within a few hours after harvesting by the action of polyphenol oxidase on naturally occurring colorless phenols resulting in colored quinones. We should always correctly choose these items before purchasing.

Usually this blackspot development is addressed by sodium sulphite dip which definitely has health concerns. Major regulatory body FDA has actually given a norm to mention sulphite content for such products. Even a serious health risk situation may arise if hydrogen sulphide is produced which is a poisonous gas.

A far better and safe alternative is Hexyl resorcinol which is not so common in this industry though very effective to be used to prevent black spot development. I believe slowly and steadily consumer’s awareness would increase and people will look for healthy options like Hexyl resorcinol. Since 1920’s, it has been used in human consumption. Check the food item label before you eat it!

Be Alert, be safe.

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