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Manufacturer of Kopcitrate (Zinc Citrate) in Switzerland and United Kingdom

Zinc is the most abundant trace mineral, next to iron, present in the human body and is present in all body tissues and fluids. Zinc affects immune system and plays an essential role in hormonal functions such as in thyroid, insulin, growth and other hormones. Zinc stabilizes and maintains the structural integrity of biological membranes and plays a pivotal role in skin and connective tissue metabolism and repair.

Kopcitrate (Zinc citrate) has an excellent anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, hence, used in skin care and particularly in anti-acne products. It has also been used in the treatment of gingivitis, as they have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Kopcitrate TH is one of the highly bio-available organic zinc salt containing 31 % of zinc due to its high zinc content and its neutral taste. The applications of Kopcitrate as follows

Dental care ( Mouthwashes & Toothpaste) 

Prevents the formation of plaque / tartar. Prevents gingivitis by inhibiting bacterial accumulation/deposition on teeth and gum. Controls bad air breath & unpleasant mouth taste, as zinc inhibits the  bacterial production of  Volatile Sulphur Compounds responsible for mal-odor (bad breath).Inhibits development of bacterial enzymes responsible for bad body odor.  Zinc works by interfering bacterial sugar (carbohydrate ) & peptide metabolism which impairs bacterial function and prevents the formation of bad odor.

Anti acne products

Through its antibacterial and sebo-regulatory action, it optimizes acne treatments and the treatment of oily skin.Zinc is required for the absorption of vitamins A and E. These are essential vitamins in acne treatment, helps to reduce sebum production and the breakdown of keratin while also providing an antioxidant cover that protects the skin.In shaving products, Kopcitrate acts as an astringent to prevent skin irritations and inflammation. 

The Cosmetic Directive, with a maximum authorized concentration in the finished cosmetic product of 1% calculated as zinc; therefore, Kopcitrate has a maximum authorized concentration of use of 1%, calculated as zinc, in finished cosmetic products in the European Union. 


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